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Benefits of Steel Framed Buildings

There are many steel framed buildings that have been built in the recent years because of the many benefits of their construction. There is incredible versatility in steel buildings as well because they are used for residential, commercial and industrial projects.

One of the main reasons that people choose steel framing Melbourne is the strength and durability that a steel building can provide. It is resistant to many external forces such as earthquakes, wind and fire. It provides excellent structural integrity which can be a peace of mind to the occupants of the buildings. There is also great versatility when it comes to the design capabilities of steel buildings. Steel has given architects and engineers a high degree of flexibility when it comes to shaping unique forms. There are so many design options you can do with steel buildings and it also has a high strength to weight ratio which ensures the construction of large buildings and open spaces. You will be able to have fewer columns even with these large spans which give more versatility to the activities happening within.


Construction projects can take some time to complete but compared to traditional construction methods, you can erect a steel framed building more quickly. The construction duration will be longer when dealing with wood or concrete. You don’t need to fabricate the steel components at a site. These can be fabricated inside a controlled factory environment which makes it easier to control precision. It also makes it easier to carry out quality control practices and the steel can arrive at the site to be assembled. This can reduce the cost of construction quite a bit and reduce the time taken for the project as well. The initial cost of a steel building is higher than other building materials but it provides cost-effectiveness long term.

There is little maintenance

Compared to other building materials and it is resistant to decay and pests. This means a steel building can last much longer than a building made out of other materials. The speed of construction is also faster as you are assembling factory made components and this reduces labour costs as well. You will be able to move into the building early so that you can save money in the long run. Steel is also an eco-friendly building material due to its recyclability. You can completely recycle it so that it can be reused without affecting its quality. This means you don’t need to continuously mine for steel and produce new materials. This can contribute to the conservation of natural resources. You can easily design a steel building to be energy-efficient in order to continue its sustainability. Because of the light weight and strength of steel, the load placed on the foundation of the building is reduced so you can cut down foundation costs. You can look into the construction of steel buildings in regions that are at more risk of seismic activity because the risk of damage is minimised as a result of the lightweight building structure.

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