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Key Things to Discuss with Prospective Builders

Are you feeling nervous about the thought of handing over a renovation job to a certain team? Here are a couple of important questions/topics you will address with them in order to feel reassured about your choice.

Level of Experience

Don’t hesitate to Ask your renovator how many renovations they have done. The more expertise they’ve got, the more assured you are of the quality of their job. You will also need to be sure that they have experience in the exact type of job you will be handing over to them – whether it is some sort of bathroom and kitchen renovations or another type altogether.

Thus, it isn’t just the number of properties they have worked on, or how long they’ve been in the business that matters, but their expertise in the specific job. 


References are one of the key things you can count on. Ideally, your renovators should not hesitate to show you all the testimonials and references. In fact, they’d brag about them before you can even ask! If you find references and testimonials from recent clients, you know that the renovation company has been maintaining their standards from the time they entered the business.

This should make you feel super assured and confident about the guys doing a great job. 


All builders need to have a valid license, and it is never wrong to request them to show you evidence. In fact, you should! You can always get on to relevant websites and look for the building company’s name on the list of those with valid licenses.

You will make sure the licenses aren’t expiring any time soon in case you decide to hand over your project to them. In other words, their licenses need to have a validity period within which your renovations can be completed without a hassle. 

The same applies to insurances, too. You will make sure their insurance is valid and up to date, so there is nothing to worry about until the job is completed. 

Discuss Pricing

You will need to know what sort of contract you will be signing up for – whether you will be offered a fixed price contract or some other type. Whatever the type you opt for, you will need to have complete insight about it and know exactly what you are in for.

You do not want to have unpleasant surprises when it comes to the finances. Therefore, make sure you have a thorough discussion on the topic, and have all your questions answered. 

Maintaining Communication

Establishing and maintaining clear communication between the client and the builder is the key to the successful completion of a building project. Ask your builder how you can communicate with them once work has commenced – whether there is going to be one supervisor whom you will correspond with, and whether there are specific numbers you can call on just to know the progress, make inquiries, and pass information. Communication barriers are usually the top reasons for unpleasant experiences in renovation scenarios, and so, need to be sorted from the start. 

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