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How to Determine the Frequency of Cleaning for Your Office

You need to make sure that your office is kept clean and hygienic. This will create a productive office environment and will affect your employees’ health positively. Hiring professional cleaners will be convenient and they will also make sure that your office is thoroughly cleaned. But before you hire a cleaning company, you should have an idea of your office cleaning needs.

You should consider the size of your office to get an idea of the frequency of cleaning.

Larger spaces need to be more frequently cleaned than smaller ones. And the layout of your office will impact this as well. To get an idea of your office, consider the number of floors, rooms and surfaces that have be to cleaned. When it comes to office cleaning East Perth, the level of foot traffic has a big impact on how frequently you need to clean the space. Areas with higher foot traffic will have a high amount of dirt and debris accumulated and you will need to make sure that this is regularly removed and the surfaces are kept clean. Otherwise the accumulation of dirt and other allergens can negatively affect your employees’ health.

Think about the nature of your business and how this will impact your cleaning requirements.

If you are maintaining a daycare centre or a medical office, then you will need more frequent cleaning to be done compared to an IT office or an office that deals with paperwork only. A daycare centre is more prone to germs spreading as there will be sick children from time to time and you need to make sure that the premises are cleaned regularly. Also, if your office has a higher number of outsiders coming in such as customers from so many places, then the risk of infections and bacteria spreading can be high and you need to have a thorough cleaning of the public areas.

If you have a high number of employees working in the office, then you will need to have more frequent cleaning. When there are more employees, then there is more foot traffic contributing to more dirt and debris building up. To be efficient when it comes to cleaning, you need to consider what the high touch surfaces in your office are. For example, these are phones, doorknobs, keyboards, printers etc. These need to be more frequently cleaned so that you can prevent germs spreading around the office and leading to more ill employees. You can also get the advice of a professional cleaning service when creating a cleaning schedule for your company. They will inspect your office to understand your cleaning needs and determine the level of cleaning and frequency needed. They will have a cleaning checklist that you can make use of indicating the areas and surfaces that need to be cleaned. You can work with them to determine how frequently these areas need to be cleaned and when to schedule the cleaning work.

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