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Auyin Property Development are excited to share that construction is well and truly underway at Pavilion Green.


Despite the Victorian government's stage 4 restrictions, construction at Pavilion Green was able to continue during the month of September, with a targeted reduced onsite workforce. We used this time to focus on completing construction of the basements, common areas and landscaping, with another major milestone achieved when Camillo poured the project's last major batch of concrete to complete the central road.

Camillo has also been focused on polishing and finessing the interiors of each apartment in preparation for the pre-settlement inspections, which are soon to commence. With restrictions now easing somewhat, we can open completed apartments for private inspection for the very first time.


Despite the updated restrictions to Victorian construction sites due to the state's stage 4 COVID-19 regulations, works at Pavilion Green are still progressing nicely.

Our onsite team is temporarily limited to a maximum of 25% of the baseline workforce, which means that not all trades are currently able to continue. Trades which are continuing with reduced workers include joinery, tiler, painter, plumber, electrician and external works landscaper, with priority being given to trades with larger volumes of remaining work. As such, Pavilion Green is able to continue progressing while also placing itself in the best possible position to efficiently resume all halted works once stage 4 restrictions are lifted.

JULY 2020

Construction is tracking well at Pavilion Green as we are quickly approaching completion.
Inside, apartments on ground level and level 1 have been inspected with the project architects, apartments on level 2 and 3 are ready for initial defects inspections and apartments on level 4 to 6 are approaching completion with joinery and finishes being installed.

Work is also underway to complete the corridors and common areas, and outside preparation works for external landscaping have commenced and are progressing well.

JUNE 2020

Construction works are moving beautifully at Pavilion Green.

Apartments on the first few levels are complete with quality assurance reviews in progress with the architect and Auyin team.

The central levels are well advanced with kitchen’s currently being installed. The extra deep benchtops are currently under installation.

The upper levels are being painted ahead of joinery installation.

With the construction team are making excellent progress, we are on track to welcome you to your new home from the beginning of Spring.

MAY 2020

Despite global challenges, we are grateful to report that construction at Pavilion Green has been able to continue unabated, with up to 150 workers on site every day. The new requirements of social distancing and associated legislative changes have been taken in stride, and thanks to careful planning in the early stages of development, we have been able to ensure that construction has not been not impacted by global supply chain disruption.

Thanks to the hard work of our building partners Camillo, all Italian kitchens are now on site, with many on the lower floors approaching completion. Additionally, the timber flooring and tiles have also been installed. As such, we remain committed to delivering Pavilion Green to its new owners this spring.

MARCH 2020

Despite changes to our display suite viewing schedule, works at Pavilion Green have been moving ahead without delay. In the past month, our team has installed the kitchens into ground level apartments and window frames to the entire project. Most of the façade has been also been painted, with balustrades and screens now being installed, and we have commenced installing lifts with service connections scheduled for April.


The construction works at Pavilion Green are gathering pace. In the past month, the team at Camillo have removed all concrete formwork and initiated the installation of plasterboard to the ground level, while also continuing to paint the façade and installing services to level 1. Under the supervision of CBG Architecture and Checkpoint Building Surveyors, the team continues to provide the highest standard of quality, ensuring each Pavilion Green residence is built with clear intent and attention to detail.


Our construction team has returned from the summer break refreshed and ready for action in 2020. Following the completion of Pavilion Green's structure in December 2019, the team is now focused on the fit out stages. Windows and plaster walls are currently being installed, with the building's kitchen joinery now on the water from Italy and expected to arrive in Melbourne's ports by the end of this month. Construction is still progressing smoothly, with our team slated to finish on time and within budget later this year.


The attached picture was taken from a “Man Box” suspended by the Tower Crane.
This shows the completion of the structure.
This is an important milestone and the Camillo Team is excited to have completed the milestone prior to Christmas.


Camillo continues the structure completing the Level 5 concrete pour today.
The team is continuing to push the structure for completion before Christmas moving into the fit out stage of the project.


Camillo continues to make the most of the spring weather and today is pouring level three of Pavilion Green.
The team is highly motivated and looking to make as much progress as possible prior to the Christmas shut down, which is looming just a few months away.


The concrete structure continues to progress well on site, with Camillo completing the concrete to level 1 on Friday 20th September. Level 2 will be completed by early October, and orders have been placed for the Italian kitchens with manufacturing to commence soon.


Camillo Builders has been engaged to complete the Construction of Pavilion Green. After commencing on site in August, Camillo has hit the ground running. Camillo has immediately erected a tower crane. The tower crane is a German Liebherr Crane with a boom of 65 meters (pictured). Camillo has installed Precast Concrete (pictured). Camillo has commenced the construction of concrete form work (pictured). Below ground, Camillo has commenced the installation of basement lighting (pictured). Camillo plans to pour level 1 in mid-September and complete the concrete structure in early 2020.

JULY 2019

The construction of the precast panels for Pavilion Green has commenced. In total there are over 700 panels required. We will be producing up to 70 panels per week in our factory from now until December.

JUNE 2019

The last part of the ground level slab has been poured. Work will continue inside the two basement levels to remove formwork once the GL concrete has cured.

MAY 2019

The concrete slab of the basement has been poured and the formwork has progressed significantly.

APRIL 2019

Ground floor slab has been formed and reinforcement installed. Southern section of slab is being poured shortly. Basement B1 slab formwork has been stripped and services/conduits roughed-in

MARCH 2019

The site has been cleared and extensive basement work is underway. The concrete slab of the basement has been poured and the formwork progressing significantly.

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