Move in before
Spring 2020



Auyin Property Development are excited to share that construction is well and truly underway at Pavilion Green.


Camillo continues the structure completing the Level 5 concrete pour today. The team is continuing to push the structure for completion before Christmas moving into the fit out stage of the project.


Camillo continues to make the most of the spring weather and today is pouring level three of Pavilion Green. The team is highly motivated and looking to make as much progress as possible prior to the Christmas shut down, which is looming just a few months away.


The concrete structure continues to progress well on site, with Camillo completing the concrete to level 1 on Friday 20th September. Level 2 will be completed by early October, and orders have been placed for the Italian kitchens with manufacturing to commence soon.


Camillo Builders has been engaged to complete the Construction of Pavilion Green. After commencing on site in August, Camillo has hit the ground running. Camillo has immediately erected a tower crane. The tower crane is a German Liebherr Crane with a boom of 65 meters (pictured). Camillo has installed Precast Concrete (pictured). Camillo has commenced the construction of concrete form work (pictured). Below ground, Camillo has commenced the installation of basement lighting (pictured). Camillo plans to pour level 1 in mid-September and complete the concrete structure in early 2020.

JULY 2019

The construction of the precast panels for Pavilion Green has commenced. In total there are over 700 panels required. We will be producing up to 70 panels per week in our factory from now until December.

JUNE 2019

The last part of the ground level slab has been poured. Work will continue inside the two basement levels to remove formwork once the GL concrete has cured.

MAY 2019

The concrete slab of the basement has been poured and the formwork has progressed significantly.

APRIL 2019

Ground floor slab has been formed and reinforcement installed. Southern section of slab is being poured shortly. Basement B1 slab formwork has been stripped and services/conduits roughed-in

MARCH 2019

The site has been cleared and extensive basement work is underway. The concrete slab of the basement has been poured and the formwork progressing significantly.

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