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Benefits of a Cantilever Umbrella

An outdoor umbrella can be very useful and you can find many types and styles to make sure it matches your home design. This is an outdoor element that can improve your home appearance and it will allow you to use your outdoor spaces easily as well because you can enjoy the shade.

There are umbrellas that come with different sizes and this will affect their coverage. If you want to accommodate more people under the umbrella or if you want to have a larger dining space under it, you will need to select a lager umbrella. The benefit of a cantilever umbrella is that you can adjust the shade coverage as a result of its design. In a centre-pole design, the shade will be directly underneath the canopy. But you can easily tilt and rotate a cantilever umbrella so that you can block the sun at different angles. So you will be able to shade the area no matter where the sun is in the sky which means you will be able to enjoy the shade throughout the day. And there is more versatility in placing a cantilever umbrella as the post is on the side. There is no pole in the centre to obstruct your view. And this means your seating arrangement is not limited. In a centre-pole umbrella, you will need to have the pole at the centre of the table with seating around. And this also limits how many chairs you can have under it. This makes them quite impractical for many uses.

As a cantilever umbrella can be positioned easily,

You can have a variety of seating arrangements beneath it. This is a great option for shading sun lounges on a poolside area or shading outdoor furniture. You can also create a larger shaded space by bringing two together with the poles on either side. A cantilever umbrella will save a lot of space as it will not limit the number of seating options. There has to be some space around a centre pole umbrella which can be a hassle and will limit your options as well. So even if you have a smaller space, you will be able to get the maximum benefit of a cantilever umbrella. There is a very sturdy base for the cantilever umbrella and the pole is offset. This will further improve its stability which means it has great wind resistance.

When the pole is off-centre,

It is able to distribute weight in a more even way so that the umbrella will not tip over when there is strong wind. The wind resistance in certain models are further improved by the addition of an air vent in the canopy. This will allow the wind to pass through so that the umbrella is less likely to topple. You can easily operate a cantilever umbrella as well because the mechanisms are very user friendly. The majority of the models you see on the market will have a crank system where the canopy can be opened and closed quite easily. Some models come with a tilt function where you can adjust the angle of the shade very easily.

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